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Dear Owners, Shoppers, and Friends of The New Orleans Food Co­-op:

After serving our Co-op of over 3,700 owners, General Manager, Lori Burge is moving on to pursue career opportunities outside Louisiana. Lori was hired in 2010 and worked tirelessly with the board of directors to open the Food Co-op. Since the store opened in October of 2011, her emphasis on business start-up & development, raising capital and community outreach, has made our local community accessible to natural foods and products in a highly competitive retail food market. We will miss her and wish her well on her future endeavors.

Consequently, the Board of Directors, lead by President Jodi Dyer and with the support of the remaining directors: Jennifer Hughes, Julie Holman, Patrick Daniel and Carlos Leon – have taken prompt action on the matter to ensure a safe path for our Co-op to thrive and secure our ownership investments. This includes a General Manager Search Committee to hire our next general manager. In order to make this a smooth transition, the board has found an interim general manager to begin working as of April 5, 2016. Please welcome Brittany Baird.

With over 13 years of experience as an interim general manager and consultant, helping food co-op’s and other grocery stores streamline and improve their operations during times of transition, we find her to be the perfect candidate to serve our owners and community.
She is highly recommended by her peers and past co-op employers in the industry. A member of CDS Consulting Co-op, Brittany has worked with the Yardley General Country Store, Creekside Co-op, Belfast Co-op, and Weaver’s Way Co-op.

We feel confident that this will be a time of positive change. The Board of Directors of The New Orleans Food Co-op, is committed to work diligently to follow our organization’s Ends (goals) and keep raising the standards of food justice, sustainability and better nutrition for our community. We will continue to provide updates via our website and newsletter regarding Brittany’s progress and the announcement of a permanent general manager.

The board of directors welcomes both questions and general manager applicant inquiries. Please contact the board of directors at

The New Orleans Food Co-op Board of Directors


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The New Orleans Food Co-op is a consumer owned cooperative. A Member-Owner is more than a consumer! You own it! Member-Ownership is an investment in the cooperative system, local farms and businesses, and sustainable production methods. As a democratic organization, each owner invests one share and receives one vote.  Unlike publicly traded corporations that allocate more voting power to larger investors, co-ops equalize the playing field by allowing one share and one vote per Member-Owner.  Everyone is welcome!  Your investment is vital to ensuring your co-op’s success and makes you a  member-owner of the NOFC!

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