We support our local economy, by sourcing our products as close to our store as possible and by building lasting relationships with our farmers & producers. What is local? We define local as products that are grown or produced in the state of Louisiana, or within 250 miles of New Orleans. We have 3 categories to classify our local products: Locally Grown, Locally Produced, & Crescent’s Pride (Products grown &/or produced in New Orleans).


We commit to providing our community with a wide assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as packaged and bulk foods that are minimally processed and contain quality, wholesome ingredients.


We prioritize sustainable agriculture by supporting farmers that focus on building soil health & water quality, while refraining from the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. We work to increase the use of organic or otherwise sustainable methods by encouraging our farmers and producers to go green. We source as many products as possible from sources that have grown/produced them using organic methods*, especially those products which are purchased through a distributor rather than directly from a local farmer or producer.


 We encourage our customers to shop in bulk and bring bags/containers to minimize packaging. We also prioritize products that are packaged in materials that are manufactured from recycled and/or recyclable, compostable, or otherwise able to be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.


We prioritize fair-trade products when available, especially Fair Trade Certified chocolate, coffee, & bananas.


We prioritize products grown or produced by co-ops or other collective enterprises whenever possible. This is one way that we support the cooperative principle, cooperation amongst cooperatives.

Emily Vanlandingham