• Food For All Program

    Are you a co-op owner shopping with SNAP/EBT/food stamps? If so, you’re eligible to apply for a 5% discount through our Food For All Program. Complete the application with your friendly cashier today!

  • Hands on Owner Program

    Get more involved in your co-op by volunteering as a Hands On Owner (HOO). Come to our next Engaged Owner Orientation. (Check calendar on side-bar for details) and you will be provided with that all you need to volunteer. HOO’s receive a 5-15% discount (depending on your hours invested).

  • Shop our Monthly Sales

    Check out our monthly sales flyers and familiarize yourself with our green sales signs to spot great deals on products you’ll love. There are a variety of sales offered throughout the store and almost every end-cap at the end of each aisle.

  • Shop owner-only specials

    Each week we offer a variety of items that are at outstanding sales prices for owner-members. We’re growing the program, improving our signage, and featuring some of these items in our sales flier to help you access even more great deals. Look out for our yellow “owner only” sale signs.

  • Shop Seasonally, shop fresh

    Buying in season typically costs less and food is more fresh and flavorful when eaten in season. Ask a team member, particularly someone in produce, to show you what items are in season.

  • Buy Bulk

    Forgo the packaging, buy just the amount you need, and save money. Buying your staples in bulk, especially beans and grains can result in substantial savings. We have affordable bulk Fair Trade coffee too!

  • Almost Free

    Keep an eye out for our new pink “Blow Out” sale signs and our two Blow Out “End Caps” across from dairy for prices geared to move items out fast. Don’t miss our discontinued shelf for 50% off select packaged items and the reduced produce shelf for 59¢/lb on select, close-out items.

  • Special Orders

    Do you go through a lot of specific items? Consider special ordering a case and you’ll save even more. Owners save 10% off case orders! (8% for non-owners)

  • Owner Appreciation Days

    Shop during our Owner Appreciation Days for a 10% discount on all your groceries. Check our calendar on the right column for the next date!

  • Alternative Transportation Punch Cards

    Ride your bike, the bus or walk to the co-op 20 times and get $5 off your next purchase. Cards are available from cashiers.

  • Patronage Refunds

    In addition to Weekly Owner Specials & Owner Appreciation Days, there are other economic benefits to being an owner of the co-op. When we start to turn a profit, your Board will determine how much of that profit will be returned to co-op owners through Patronage Refunds. These refunds are proportionate to your spending so the more you shop, the greater refund. This system is a win-win because NOFC’s profit stays right here in our community, who we directly depend upon for our survival.

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