Sell Your Products to the Co-op

The New Orleans Food Co-op (NOFC) may be interested in your product.

NOFC supports local farmers and food producers whenever possible. The food co-op has product selection guidelines that we use to prioritize what we purchase. Over time we expect that the majority if not all of the food we sell will comply with these guidelines. We hope that you will be inspired by our philosophy and help us live up to this vision. We all stand to gain from creating products that consider the health and well being not only of those eating foods purchased at the co-op, but also those growing and producing them, while also limiting our impact on the environment. Products that support the co-op’s environmental and social mission will be marketed as such and will stand out to our community of shoppers. Our guidelines and vendor application will give you a good understanding of what we look at when selecting products for sale at the co-op.

Because we want to be in business and serve our community for perpetuity, we must comply with all legal regulations and other necessary precautions and best practices. To sell food to the co-op you must meet this criteria. All food vendors must have a wholesaler’s license and $1 million in liability insurance, additionally prepared food must come out of a certified kitchen and follow all necessary labeling regulations.

Interested in selling to the co-op?