Sky Front End Manager

Schylar Smith is a native New Orleanian. She has a BA in Biology from Texas University where she graduated with honors.  She brings with her a passion for public health and natural foods and thus she has found her position at the co-op as a natural fit. She also enjoys cooking and watching Saint’s games!

Sheyanne Deli Manager

Sheyanne McConal has served as a chef, healthy eating educator, and nutrition advocate for over a decade. She’s passionate about using healthy food as medicine, and loves developing recipes with local, seasonal food. She became Deli and Prepared Foods Manager for the Coop in 2016. She really loves tacos.

Nixie Produce Manager

Nixie hails from New England and was the assistant produce manager at Belfast Co-op in Maine for 4 years.  After a trip to NOLA, Nixie fell wildly in love with the city and knew he wanted to call it home.  He cares about small farmers and organic agriculture, and is excited to work here.

Lindsey Wellness Manager

The Co-op rescued Lindsey after what seemed like a lifetime working for a “natural,” corporate grocery chain. Come talk to her about all of your weird wellness issues because after a million years of doing this, she could probably suggest the perfect herb, conditioning mask, or fiber supplement.

Lucci Owner Services Coordinator

Lucci is a Multi-Department Clerk who originally participated in the Hands On Owner program providing office assistance, and was eventually hired to support Front-End (customer support) operations, and is now Owner Services Coordinator. His early career experience has been in organizational administration in both for-profit and non-profit ventures, including a public-benefit agency he founded.

Justin Grocery Manager

Hailing from Western PA, Justin spent most of his life involved in punk rock scenes.  From those experiences he gained a strong sense of community and DIY ethics.  It is his hope that he can bring in and help instill some of that lifestyle into the Co-op and its members.  

Larrin General Manager

Larrin has over 17 years of managerial/food experience. He was able to travel and work in different parts of the US; New York, Boston, Detroit, Charlotte and New Orleans. Larrin and his wife came to NOLA 6 years ago.  Theyhave 2yr old twins.  He’s happy and very excited to work for a Coop.  

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