TOGETHER WE: Provide access to healthy food at a fair price; Are a center of community activity; Promote local and regional food production; Keep capital and jobs in our community; Practice environmental responsibility and sustainability; Reflect our unique and diverse community.

Our ENDS Statements

The New Orleans Food Co-op exists so that we have a healthy and thriving community. Because of all we do:

  • Our community, regardless of income has access to healthy food.
  • Regional farmers and producers are linked in a relationship with consumers.
  • The diversity of our community is represented.
  • Economically and environmentally sustainable practices are supported.
  • Our community understands the cooperative model and experiences its economic and social value.
  • Community members, staff, and owners have a sense of pride, belonging, and fellowship in their cooperative.
  • Our community is knowledgeable about healthy eating and how their food is produced.
Emily VanlandinghamOur Mission