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  • Mail: Please download, print, and fill out our Ownership Brochure and mail it to us with your check.
  • In Store: One of our helpful cashiers would be glad to help you invest.
  • Online: Complete the form and enter your payment using paypal below.

**Limited income investments must be accompanied by one of the following to documents to display proof of need: SNAP/EBT card, WIC certificate, Social Security  Disability (or other government income supplement) check, or Section 8 housing lease (or other proof of Section 8 residence/assistance). **

If you invest in an limited-income owner share online or via mail, you must mail, drop off a copy in store, or email a copy of an approved document or come into the store with documentation before your ownership will be activated.

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*If you don’t see the investment amount you’d like to make here, you can easily send payment by logging into your paypal account and clicking “send money.” The receiving email address for the co-op’s paypal account is