Current Policies

NOFC Bylaws (1/21/2014)

Download Our Current Policy Document, revised 9/2012

Previous Policy Document, revised 11/2010

In order to effectively oversee the operation of our organization the New Orleans Food Cooperative Board of Directors has adopted a number of policies that describe the goals of the cooperative and how we will work together to achieve those goals. It is the board’s responsibility to ensure that these policies are being followed, or that an adequate plan is in place to come into alignment with these policies. The purpose of the policies is to clearly define the operation of the co-op so that everyone involved is aware of their rights, responsibilities, authority, and to whom they are accountable.


A. Ends describe the desired outcomes for the entire organization.

B. Board Process describes how the board will work together to achieve organizational Ends on behalf of all members.

C. Board-Management Relationship describes the role, responsibilities, and authority delegated by the Board to the General Manager as well as the process of accountability.

D. Executive Limitations describes how the authority delegated to the General Manager by the board will be specifically limited.



Download Current Policy Document

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