Your Board of Directors

NOFC’s Board Members are Owners like you! Because NOFC is a co-op, your board ensures that the co-ops long-term planning and operations support the needs and vision of our Member-Owners, and the broader community.

Board meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. They open to all NOFC members, and are announced on the calendar of events on this website. Many meetings’ minutes are also available online.

How to Run for the Board: Every current Member-Owner is eligible to run for the Board of Directors.  If you are interested in running for the 2014 election, please read and fill out the Board of Directors Application and Informational Packet.  Email for more information.

Elections: The Board of Director is elected elected annually by all members, and operating under the by-laws under which we are incorporated.

Current directors are:

  • Jennifer Hughes – Board President – term:  October 2013 – January 2016 (board appointment)
  • Jodi Dyer – Board Treasurer – term: August 2014 – January 2017 – (board appointment)
  • Janine Metoyer – Board Secretary -term: September 2014 – January 2017 – (board appointment)
  • Sangeetha Kandan – term: January 2014 – (board appointment)
  • Kelley Williams – term: January 2013 – January 2016 (no longer on board)
  • Mac Lemann  – term: January 2013 – January 2016 (no longer on board)
  • Alex LeLarge term: January 2014 – (board appointment, no longer on board))
  • Simone K. Cifuentes  -term: January 2014 – January 2017 (no longer on board)
  • Dominique Adansi-Bona – term: January 2014 – January 2017 (no longer on board)
  • Allen L. Coq term: January 2014 – January 2017 (no longer on board)

Write the Board: To contact the board email board at


2012-13 Board:

  • Rachel Riezman – President – term began October 2010 
  • Mac Lemann – Secretary – term began January 2013 
  • Kelley Williams  Treasurer – term began January 2013 
  • Jennifer Hughes – term runs October 2013 – January 2016 (board appointment)


2011-12 Board: Rachel Riezman (President), John Calhoun (Vice President), Jessica Meehan (Treasurer), Siddhartha Padmanabha (Secretary), Mimi DiMassa, Greta Gladney (term began: Jan ’12), Julian Mutter, Phyllis Waiters (term began: Jan ’12), Tamah Yisrael (term began: July ’12 by board appointment)


2010-11 Board: Mac Lemann (Chairperson), Rachel Riezman (President), Jessica Meehan (Treasurer), Siddhartha Padmanabha,(Secretary), Mimi DiMassa (Vice President), Angelo Edwards, Julian Mutter, Elizabeth Kirk, & Michael Smith.


2009-10 Board: Mac Lemann (Chairperson), Rachel Riezman (Treasurer), Heather Fifie (Secretary), John Calhoun, Mimi DiMassa, Scott Galante, & Michael Smith (President).


2008-9 Board: Amanda Zug-moore (Chairperson), John Calhoun (President), Michael Smith (Secretary), Sarrah Schoenewald(Treasurer), & Mimi Dimassa.


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