Hands-On-Owner Program- Invest Time

Opportunity to Participate: As a Member-Owner, you have the opportunity to help the co-op by investing your own time and energy. Hands-On-Ownership (HOO) is a valuable way to learn about cooperative enterprise, healthy foods, and to work with others in your community. In appreciation for your support, you may be eligible to receive a discounts on your purchases in appreciation for your support.  

Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a HOO: 

  • Meet new and interesting people while connecting with the community of NOFC staff and owners.
  • Strengthen and acquire new job skills.
  • Become more familiar with the food and products available at NOFC.
  • Feel stronger in your role as an owner of the co-op.
  • Become more familiar with food cooperative philosophy and operations.
  • Spend quality time working in a socially, politically, and environmentally conscious organization.
  • Receive discounts toward purchases of NOFC products in appreciation for your commitment.
  • Further your co-op’s mission and invest in NOFC’s long-term sustainability.

What do you need to know about being a HOO? 

  • You must be an invested owner-member of the NOFC in good standing.
  • Those interested in becoming HOOs must complete this HOO Application and Release Form.
  • 4 hrs work = 5% discount, 8 hrs work = 10% discount, 12 hrs work = 15% discount. Hours are calculated as of the 25th of the month. Hours worked the 26th through the end of the month will count toward the subsequent month. While you are welcome to contribute additional hours, the NOFC can only carry over a maximum of 12 hrs. Your discount goes active on the first Tuesday of the month.
  • After attending a HOO orientation you will be contacted to set up a regular shift and training.
  • In order to make the most effective use of HOOs, each HOO will be assigned a primary department and shift. The NOFC wants to make sure that efforts aren’t being duplicated and that HOOs are properly trained.
  • HOOs are also available to work on intermittent or one-time projects such as special events, outreach, maintenance, errands and inventory.
  • The NOFC understands that HOOs will need a shift off on occasion. Please notify Owner Services as well as the Department Lead that you work with if you need time off.
  • The NOFC cannot guarantee HOO hours to each applicant and reserves the right to terminate a HOO agreement at any time.
  • The NOFC reserves the right to revise the HOO program at any time.

Interested in becoming a Hands-On-Owner?

Please complete this HOO Application and Release Form. (Also available in the store).

For further information please contact ownership@nolafood.coop or 504-264-5579

Note: You must become a Member-Owner to be eligible for participation in our Hands-On-Owner Program. For internships and other volunteer opportunities email gm@nolafood.coop.