We’re Open: 7am – 10 pm, 7 days a week at

2372 St. Claude Avenue, Suite  110, New Orleans, LA 70117 in the

  Call us: (504) 264-5579

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Car & Bike Parking is available in the rear in our Spain Street Lot. From St Claude turn toward the River on Spain Street. Entrance is on your left.

Handicap parking is available in the Healing Center’s Rampart Street lot. Enter the lot by turning left onto Rampart from Spain driving past the two houses and entering the lot right before St. Roch.

Help us be a good neighbor: In the spirit of cooperation, please park in the appropriate lot, follow traffic laws, dispose of refuse in it’s proper place, & generally respect our neighbors. Do NOT turn right onto Rampart from St. Roch. Rampart is a one-way street; doing so is dangerous & causes traffic issues. That’s the co-op way. Thank you!